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Mastering life starts at the helm, the first sailing experience in life!




This year, because of the epidemic, there is no opportunity to travel abroad, but because of this, I started to try various international travel experiences. Why is it an experience itinerary? Because instead of stepping on the itinerary, I want to spend more time this year, stay away from the crowd, and focus on the exceptionally precious travel opportunities under the epidemic. One item in my international travel experience is "going to sea". Because I participated in the Guishan Island Milk Sea chartered boat last year and everyone liked it, so this year I booked the "Heavy Sailing Self-driving Experience" opened by "Days on the Sea" earlier this year. Reminisce about the days of chatting with the sea breeze with relatives and friends whom I haven't seen for a long time.


About Keel boat

Keel boat sailboats are also widely known as keel sailboats, because the characteristic of heavy-duty sailboats is the ballast keel used to balance the ship under the ship, so that it is not easy to capsize and maintain the course when encountering wind and waves. Therefore, heavy-duty sailboats are very suitable for sailing on lakes and near shores. In order to cope with longer voyages, sleeping, bathroom and kitchen spaces are planned in the cabin. Therefore, it can be said that in addition to maritime safety, it also provides comfort in all aspects of travel. Sex, very suitable for travelers who want to experience sea sailing. The Keel boat we booked this time is the Sun Odyssey 349 from the French shipyard Jeanneau. The following is a 3D structure introduction video about this ship:

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The heavy-duty sailing experience booked this time is quite special. It is different from the water play itinerary participated in last year. This time, because there are more elders and children, I chose a day at sea. The "heavy sailing self-driving" experience itinerary launched this year focuses on sailing operations and sailing. Cultural introduction, young and old, apart from leisure time, can also experience the days of drifting on the sea on a sailing boat.


After confirming the number of people, we book on the official website two weeks in advance. They provide two time slots to choose from, the morning time is 09:00 -12:00, and the afternoon time is 13:00-16:00 (booking is available on Friday and Saturday) , You must book three days in advance at the latest, but it is recommended that you book early to get your favorite time slot, especially the most popular in the afternoon, because the sun goes down early in winter, and you can just catch the sunset on the sea on the return trip!


On the same day, everyone gathered at the Danshui Leader Ocean Yacht Marina 15 minutes earlier. After the sail, the captain took us to the open sea to see the wave heights and feel the vast sea sailing. At the same time, the sailors would introduce us to sailing knowledge like this sailing ship from France. , Many details on the ship have been remodeled. After simplifying and beautifying the complex design of traditional sailing boats, there will be no ropes on the deck, and the pictures are so beautiful that there is no need to edit the pictures!


In addition, the captain also told us a lot of small knowledge about sailing culture, such as "Which ports in Taiwan can stop sailing at present?", "Why does Taiwan, known as the kingdom of yachts, buy sailing boats from France?", "Why are the ships referred to as the women's department?" After listening to these interesting maritime stories, I suddenly felt a little ashamed. I have lived in Taiwan, which is surrounded by the sea, for nearly 30 years, but I have such a weak knowledge of the sea, but after the captain's wicked compensation , Disembark, you can directly learn and sell with friends around you.


The beauty of the sea has been taken, and the navigation knowledge has been supplemented, and then the highlight of this trip is "driving a heavy sailing boat." I often hear people say that I want to be the helm of my own life. Although it is not possible to master a life that is out of control, it is still possible to be at the helm. There are two synchronous steering wheels on the sailing boat. Under the leadership of the captain, I master one of the steering wheels and feel the strength of the whole ship. Those who are interested participate!

As a digression, the heavy sailing trip we participated in this time is a mild experience, and adults and children without a license can try it (life jackets are provided in the boat), but if you are interested in sailing, the captain also recommends us to participate. "Yacht and Power Boat Driving Training Course", as long as you are over 18 but 65 years old, you can sign up. You can take a car driving license and have disciplines and skills, and you can rent a boat to drive when you get the license. Related information:


Before the return journey, the captain specially anchored on the bank of the river in front of Tamsui Old Street to let us catch the sunset. It was great to watch the lively Tamsui Old Street, but it was better not to be crowded this time. This is probably a sea trip. The biggest difference between land travel, no need to squeeze, no need to squeeze, the whole sea is yours, next weekend you don’t want to spend in the car, just come to the sea!


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