Q & A

Q & A

  • 【Price】What are the fees for the Driver guide quote? Need an extra tip for the driver? How much will charge for over time (service time 10hrs/day) ?

    Include : fuel, parking fees, driver accommodation & meals, insurance. (Service time 10hrs/day)
    Not include : any tickets, guest accommodation & meals. There is no hard and fast rule on the tip, and guests can decide on the quality of the service.
    Any additional fee will be charged hourly after 10 hours based. Please contact our customer service to check the detail of price.

  • 【Price】Can the attractions in the completed itinerary be temporarily changed or cancelled? Can the departure time and pick-up location be specified?

    Of course, the biggest purpose of free travel is to let the guests play as they please, the favorite spots can stay longer, the spots that they don't like leave early, and feel tired and cancel the rest. Only need to communicate with the director before the temporary change of the attraction, the driver will use professional analysis and confirm whether the time or distance caused by changing the scenic spot can be completed, to avoid misunderstanding.

    The customer service will confirm the information with the customer before confirming the use of the car. If you change the departure time temporarily, please confirm with the driver at least one day before.

  • 【Price】I'd like to book a car in Asia, But i can't speak the local language. How should i do ?

    We have online Customer service (Asia) who speak Fluent English and local language. With the help of an expert local guide travellers can gain insider access to their destination with customized, unique tours that address their interests and provide a richer travel experience. The possibilities of experiences with expert local guides are limited only by your own imagination. Contact our Customer Service now. (NT 3,000-6,000/ Day)

  • 【Price】If you have a child or an elder, can you provide a safety seat or a wheelchair?

    some. A child safety seat or wheelchair is provided free of charge, with an additional fee of NT$200/day. If necessary, please confirm before booking, and provide the child's age/weight for the company to prepare a suitable safety seat.

  • 【Price】What is included in the insurance content of the chartered car? After your company helps us to protect the insurance, do we still need to protect our travel insurance?

    Commercial vehicle liability insurance, compulsory insurance, and travel agency liability insurance totaled six million. It is recommended that guests go abroad or need to self-protect travel insurance to avoid injury or illness due to personal behavior. The insurance that the company helps to protect the customers is that if the responsibility of our company is lost, the insurance will be established.

  • 【Price】The price is quite expensive, Can you give me a better price?

    We providing the most immediate, fastest, comfortable and safe service, transparent and unified in price already. Cheers!

  • 【Order】How to create an account? Should i join the membership first before order?

    If you do not have an account yet, please create a new account password from the "Register" in the upper right corner of the homepage of the website; if you already have an account, please click "Login". Also, you can directly click on the consultation icon on the right side of the screen, or you can click on the product consultation directly. Contact us now. We would like to hear from you.

  • 【Order】What information should i provide to your company when i request a quotation?

    If you have an estimated itinerary, you can fill out the itinerary directly and provide the following information.
    2. Number of days
    3. Number of people
    4. Flight time
    5. Travel demand
    The professional consultant will contact you to arrange and quote.
    If you do not have an estimated itinerary, you can also contact customer service to provide free customized arrangements.

  • 【Order】May i know the payment terms you have?

    We currently only offer credit card, online transfer, and UnionPay card payment.

    Credit card : https://core.spgateway.com/EPG/OrangeCat/LEU89E

  • 【Order】Can I get a refund if something is temporarily cancelled?

    Taiwan: Refundable, but guests are required to charge a handling fee. The cancellation fee is handled in accordance with the “Foreign Tourism Styling Contract” issued by the Tourism Bureau.

    If you cancel your order 41 days before departure, you will be charged a full 5% commission for the tour fee;
    Cancellation of orders between 31 and 40 days prior to departure will incur a 10% processing fee for the full amount of the tour fee;
    Cancellation of orders between 21 and 30 days prior to departure will incur a 20% processing fee for the full amount of the tour fee;
    Cancellation of orders between 2 and 20 days prior to departure will incur a 30% processing fee for the full amount of the tour fee;
    If you cancel your order 1 day before departure, you will be charged 50% of the total tour fee;
    Cancellation of orders on the day of departure, collection of timeouts, personal departure from the team due to personal factors, and no notice of non-participants will not be refunded.

    South east Asia region:
    If you cancel 1-6 days before departure, you will be charged for 50% of the processing fee for the full amount of the tour fee;
    You can cancel your orders before 7 days of departure.