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Taroko National Park trails, these three popular and classic routes!

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The eastern part of Taiwan is a gift of nature, with world-class beauty. Taiwan's most popular attractions are always among the best. Especially the "Taroko National Park", which has preserved the original ecology of Taiwan, is also a lot of people. Preferred. The most popular experience of Taroko is “walking hiking trails”. This time we will recommend the three most popular and classic routes in Taroko National Park!




How to get there?

1. By car (departing from the north): Take National Highway 5 from Nangang or Muzha to Su'ao, then take Taiwan Line 9 (Suhua Highway) to the Taroko National Park Visitor Center.

2. By car (from the south): Take the 9th line from the east to Taroko National Park.

3. Railway: Take the Taiwan Railway to Hualien Station or Xincheng Station. There are more trains at Hualien Station, and Xincheng Station is closer to Taroko. After arriving, you can transfer to Hualien and travel to Taroko National Park.

4. Passenger: Take the Hualien passenger bus, you can take the Taiguan to Tailuge and Chongde, and to the canyon, you can take the bus to Tianxiang, Luoshao or Lishan. View schedule:

5. Charter: Depart directly from the accommodation and go directly to Taroko National Park.


Swallow Grotto Trail

Difficulty Difficulty:◐○○ Suitable for travelers who do not want to go too far but want to experience Taroko

Trail length:1372 meters, about 10-30 minutes back and forth

Trail entrance:Go west along the Zhongheng Highway, and it will take about 500m after passing through the stream-side tunnel

※ A helmet is required

Photo by Taroko National Park

You can reach Yanzikou by driving along the Zhongheng Highway. The unique terrain here can see the magnificent canyon becomes quite narrow, and it is an excellent place to enjoy the rocks at close range. The trail can be completed in about 30 minutes. In addition to the Taroko Gorge, there are rocks carved and carved by the stream over the years, including the Indian Chief Rock and the pot hole on the cliff. The various awe-inspiring works of the national park!


Shakadang Trail

Difficulty:●○○ Suitable for travelers who like hiking and want to observe the ecology of Taroko

Trail length:4100 meters, about 4-6 hours

Trail entrance:From the Taroko Visitor Center, walk west from the sidewalk on the left side of the Sakura Tunnel, and after the small cone foot trail (about 20 minutes)

Photo by Taroko National Park

Next to the Shakadang Creek, the Shakadang Trail that runs between the canyons, passes through the stream bed, large and small rocks and forests, and the settlements where the aboriginal people once lived, although it is a gentle and easy landscape trail However, the rich landscape ecology and humanistic style make this one relatively easy to walk, but can experience more different Taroko, which has become the walking path for many people to Taroko National Park!


Jhui Lu Old Trail

Difficulty:●●● For travellers with mountain climbing experience who want to experience the thrilling Taroko

Trail length:10300 meters, about 1 day

Trail entrance:You can borrow a helmet first at the brookside service station of Zhongheng Highway. The ticket gate, entrance check, and mountaineering entrance of the cone road are located at the east exit of the Yanzikou Trail (near Taiwan 8 Line 178.1K)

Application for admission to the mountains is required

※ Entrance time is 7: 00-10: 00 am

※ Full admission fee is NT $ 200; half-price ticket is NT $ 100 (student; 6 years old and under 12 years old); children under 6 years old are free

Photo by Taroko National Park

It belongs to the cone-shaped ancient trail with high mountaineering difficulty. It is the only historical preservation area in Taroko National Park. The environment has a special inherent capacity control because this trail needs to follow the steep mountain walls constructed from marble rocks. About 30 cm, you can fully feel the spectacular view of the Taroko cliffs from head to toe, so many mountain friends think that this route is the most scenic spot in Taroko National Park among all the trails!


OrangeCatTravel's experience

The above three routes are sorted by difficulty, time required, and scenery. You can choose the appropriate route according to your travel habits and itinerary. However, the weather in Taroko National Park is changeable. It is recommended that you check the climate before departure. (Point me to inquire). In addition, there will be traffic control during the snow season, pay more attention to the road conditions!



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