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The most beautiful mountain lake in Taiwan - Jiaming Lake

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Our goal this time is to find the most beautiful lake "Jiaming Lake" hidden in the mountains. Located in Hairui Township, Taitung City, Jiaming Lake is a national-level trail and the second highest mountain lake in Taiwan. It is about 2,327 meters to 3,603 meters above sea level and has a total length of about 13.0K. The trail crosses the hemlock forest, fir forest, bare rock and cliff. , Jianzhu grassland and mountain ridgeline. This time, before I started the introduction, I broke the story and talked about this experience. When I saw the lake under the reflection of the blue sky, it was like a sapphire. I finally realized why so many people said that they must go to Jiaming Lake once in a lifetime.


Altitude from 2312 meters

rise to 2850 meters


 11:00 pool host train collection

 14:30 hiking trail in Xiangyang Recreation Area

 16:30 Xiangyang Mountain House

Day 2

Altitude from 2850 meters

rise to 3347 meters

4.3K~ 8.6K

 0700 Departure from Xiangyang Mountain House

 0830 Blackwater pond camp taking a photo

 1000 Xiangyang Jiaming Lake Road

 1030 Sunshine collapses

 1130 Xiangyangshan Sancha Road

 1300 Xiangyangshan Baiyue

 1600 Jiaming Lake Mountain House

Day 3

Altitude from 3347 meters

rise to 3496 meters


 0700 Departure from Jiaming Lake Mountain House

 0830 Three forks

 0930 Sancha Mountain Baiyue

 1100 Jiaming Lake

 1300 return

 1630 Jiaming Lake Mountain House

Day 4 - 8.4K

 0600 Departure from Jiaming Lake Mountain House

 0830 Xiangyang Mountain House

 1100 Xiangyang Recreation Area

 1400 Chihshang Railway Station is happy to return home




How to get there?

1. Driving by yourself: From the 9th line to the Chishang Township, take the 20th line and walk about 5km, then turn right to the 20th line to 154.5km, and arrive at the Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area. (Then walk from the Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area to the trail of the Garmin Lake National Trail.)

2. Transportation: You can take the train to Chihshang Railway Station and then charter from the railway station to Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area.

What else do you need to know? >> Jiaming Lake National Trail Information


What do you need to prepare?

1. ID card

2. headlamp

3. backpack waterproof bag

4. trekking pole

5. toilet paper

6. personal medication

7. warm/functional clothingSweat-wicking suit, waterproof gloves, warm hat, sweat / thick socks, raincoat rain pants

8. bag(can be equipped with the necessary equipment size

9. Action food (3 lunches included) It is recommended to carry bread, biscuits, nutrition bars, dry rice and other high-transfer foods that do not need to be cooked.

10. thermos(700cc-1000cc

11. tableware(recommended to be heat-resistant

12. garbage bag(All garbage must be taken down the mountain

What else do you need to bring? >> Multi-day climbing trail recommended equipment list


Hiking route

【Day1 route】

#14:30-16:30 Xiangyang Recreation Area Mountaineering Exit to Xiangyang Mountain House

This four-day and three-night Jiaming Lake mountaineering trip, the goal is to slowly enjoy the beauty of the scenery, so there is no arrangement to get up in the morning to get up and go to the road, the beauty of the stop to see a good enough, the physical strength of the supplement also sleep Enough to make up, and enjoy the unique quiet moments in the mountains, this route is recommended to the mountain friends who are also oriented like me!


The first day of the trip is still quite satisfactory (compared to the next few days is the level of off-campus teaching), after 7:00 in the morning, I went to Taitung after going to the bus. After getting up, I arrived at the station on the Ikegami station and I did not forget to eat a pool and then start again. After arriving at the mountain pass at two o'clock in the afternoon, I set off for the Xiangyang Mountain House. The 1.5K long slope climbing section was wide open, and the opposite Guanshan· and Xiangyang collapsed.


Then 3K is a mountain road with a steep slope. It will not be too laborious to rise slowly. There is a piece of primitive hemlock forest and two-leaf pine on this road, surrounded by huge fallen wood, just like walking into the original forest.


After the creek, I arrived at the Yangshan Mountain (about 2,850 meters above sea level) at the foot of the night. I thought it would be very difficult to get water, but this mountain house is just near the water source, the water source is very good (you can also flush the toilet), but Remind everyone that water resources are not easy to use.


【Day2 route】

#7:00-8:30 Depart from Xiangyang Mountain House to Black Reservoir

After eating breakfast in the morning, about 6 o'clock, the departure of the Jiaming Lake Mountain House is going forward. The steepness is more energy-consuming, but because we are slowly walking, we are not too tired. After crossing the over 1K hemlock forest, you will arrive at the "Black Pond". Don't look at the black water in the black pool. When the weather is good, under the blue sky and the sun, the reflection is also fascinating.


#8:30-10:30 After the Xiangyang Jiaming Lake Road, go to Xiangyang Great Wall

After leaving the black pond, continue to move forward. The next stop is the "sunny collapse" on the southwest slope. The large collapsed wall is a spectacular view formed after the natural collapse. It falls from the cliff top to the mouth of the mountain crossing the road. The drop is about 800 meters. It is really on the trail to fully feel the powerful momentum and nature of the collapse. power.


#10:30-13:00 Going to Xiangyangshan to capture the first Baiyue

After a simple lunch at Sanyang Road, Xiangyangshan, I arrived at the entrance of Xiangyang Mountain at 13:00 for a light-loaded attack (you can put the equipment at the fork of Xiangyang Mountain and the refuge cabin first). The first Baiyue "Xiangyang Mountain" that was boarded this time belongs to the Central Mountain Range and is about 2,603 ​​meters above sea level.


After attacking the summit, there is no other mountain shelter on the ridgeline. The 360-degree panoramic view is veritable. When the visibility is high, you can see the nearby peaks such as Yushan, Xiugulu Mountain and Guanshan, and the north side can see the collapse of the sunny sun. The VIEW at the top of Xiangyang is such a spectacular and unforgettable view.


#16:00 Going down to the Jiaming Lake Mountain House

After completing the first Baiyue attack, I went down to the Jiaming Lake Mountain House and went back to wash and sleep to save my strength. After dinner, everyone discussed this trip to Jiaming Lake. I learned how important a good hiking trip is. Since this group has new climbers who have just entered the pit, the previous day I arranged to stay in Xiangyang Mountain House to avoid climbing too fast because Adding a lot of physical strength to the body if it is unable to load is very easy to cause mountain sickness, so it is recommended that the mountain friend who has just entered the pit, mountaineering needs to be gradual, gradually knowing their own ability and nature is the long-term way.


【Day3 route】

#7:00-9:30 From the Jiaming Lake Mountain House, take the second Baiyue

After breakfast, I went to the second Baiyue "Sancha Mountain", which is the second place to be boarded. The location of Sanhe Mountain is very special. It is located at the junction of Taitung County, Hualien County and Kaohsiung City, and is about 3,496 meters above sea level.


In addition to the special location, the scenery of the Sancha Mountain has the reputation of “Taiwan Pamir”. Until I stood on the top of the mountain, I realized why some people would say that the arrow bamboos all over the mountain are endless, and the slopes along the slopes are infinite. Stretching, I think it is the most healing part of the whole.


#9:30-11:00 Jiaming Lake GET!

After leaving the mountain fork mountain, continue to move forward, and finally arrive at the Jiaming Lake!!!!!


After two days of climbing over the mountains and over the mountains, after the capture of two Baiyue, the tears of seeing the tribute of Jiaming Lake are really straight out. Although there are no breaks, there are also beautiful scenery along the way, but many times still rely on the willpower went on, I didn't expect it to erupt when I arrived at Jiaming Lake, so of course I couldn't wait for it. After all, I don't know when I will be there next time. After all, there are so many beautiful mountains waiting in Taiwan. I), fortunately, the ingenious schedule, let us have enough time to stay in Jiaming Lake for lunch, leave good memories and look forward to seeing you next time.


【Day4 route】

#6:00-14:00 The last challenge of get down the mountain

On the last day of mountaineering, I got up early. After breakfast, I was ready to go down the mountain. I really said that it was not the Sancha Mountain and the dream of Jiaming Lake that I saw the day before, plus the heart of the heart, all the way. It’s really a good time to install the downhill mountaineering. It’s a good plan for the trip. The whole mountaineering is very smooth and it’s a lot of harvest. In addition to the meditation of the Jiaming Lake, the mountaineering record is also written. Two Baiyue: Xiangyang Mountain, Sancha Mountain, I will come again, Jiaming Lake.


Orange Cat Travel's Suggest

Although this trip is mainly to slowly enjoy the beauty, but the mountain still needs to consume a lot of physical strength, especially the Jiaming Lake trail needs to go up and down 26 kilometers, in addition to physical strength and enough willpower, so I suggest everyone before departure You can spend more time each week running, cycling, swimming or walking to strengthen your muscles and heart and lungs. When you climb a mountain, you won't be shackled at the end of the team, and you can enjoy the scenery more calmly!

In addition, there is one more point to note, because the mountain houses and camps in the Garmin Lake need to be applied in advance, and the lottery must be drawn after the application (not necessarily in one stroke), so it is recommended that you sign up for the mountaineering group and apply for the mountain house to move faster, otherwise it will not I know that I will see the tears of the angels when I wait for what year and month. ^_<