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Jiufen Golden Cave、Waste Flue、Sunset Cave│Taiwan Deep Outdoor Travel Route

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Located in the Ruifang area of ​​New Taipei City, the Jiufen and Jinguashi areas are famous for their rich gold mines. They are important gold deposits in early Taiwan. Among them, the “Golden Cave” and the “Early Teapot Mountain” are the places where the mine production is the most, so now The cave to the mountain is actually the working area where the excavation was collected, and the shaft was also built for the convenience of mining and expansion. Our goal this time is to return to the "Golden Cave" and explore the traces of the golden age of the year.








 Arrived at the Zhijitang parking lot

parking lot


Into The Colden Cave trail

mountain trail


Crossing Three Waste Flue

take a photo & rest point


Arrived at the Bottom of the Golden Cave

gold deposits work area in early


Arrived at the caves on the second floor

gold deposits work area in early


Arrived at the caves on the third floor

take a photo



best view


Arrived at the end of trail



Go back to the parking lot





How to get there?

1. Take the National Road No. 1 and follow the National Highway No. 1 and Taiwan 62 to the coastal road in Ruifang District. From the exit of the No. 2 line of the 62nd line, take the interchange and continue to follow the 2nd line of the coastal road to the “Zhijitang parking lot"(about 54 minutes)

2. Take the train to "Songshan Railway Station" and take the 1062 bus to the "Zhijitang terminus"(about 75 minutes)

3. Take Taipei MRT to "Zhongxiao Fuxing Station" and take the 1062 bus to the "Zhijitang terminus"(about 94 minutes)

4. Directly order a customized chartered car from the Orange Cat Travel to the "Zhijitang parking lot"(about 54 minutes)>> Consultation and quote


What do you need to prepare before departure?

1. A pair of comfortable shoes

2. Wear trousers and long sleeves (very important, don't wear short-sleeved shorts, except that there are not many shelters on the mountain that are prone to sunburn, this route will pass through the miscanthus and may be hurt.)

3. Trekking pole、gloves

4. Sun protection products, rainproof products(especially hats and raincoats are the most important.)

5. Sufficient water (there is no place on the mountain where water can be filled, please prepare at least 2-3 liters of water before departure)

6. Energy food (please prepare high-calorie foods that are not easy to rot and carry)

7. Confirmation of climate(Search:

8. Simple physical training (Because this route is slightly difficult, it is recommended that you develop a daily exercise habit of at least 30 minutes on weekdays to keep your body in a habitual state of exercise)

9. Enough sleep


Hiking route

This route will start from the "Zhijitang Parking", so if you drive by yourself, Google Map will be better set up in the parking. In addition, there are two points to remind everyone before starting the introduction of the route:1. Please go to the toilet in the parking lot first, because there is no toilet after going up the mountain! 2. You will not receive the signal after entering the trail. The following is a four-part road to the whole mountaineering route, as well as the top and bottom of the mountain to introduce:


#The First Route – Crossing Three Waste Flue

After the departure from the Zhijitang parking lot, the mountain cableway will be passed first, which is the ropeway built by the hillside terrain. Then it will enter the slightly steep grassy mountain trail, but it is still easy for most people to pass.

The highlight of this route is "crossing three waste flue", one of which has to go down and need to hang down 3 meters, a very special route. In addition, in addition to the special trails of the mountain trails, there are also beautiful scenery on the back of the mountains. On the way, you will see a "gorilla" overlooking the sea next to the Thunder Peak. You can guess the gorilla is a male or female?(After going through a hillside mystery will get the answer)


#The Second Route – From The Outer Edge Into The Inner Edge

The first thing to do across the hills is to find the gender clues of the gorillas. The answer is not to say, let everyone find it.

Continue along the hillside. This route is mainly from the outer edge of the mountain to the inner edge. It will take about an hour and a half. There will be some small caves on the way. This is the operation area of ​​the former miners. Then, at the end of the route, there is a forest where you can take a break and drink a little bit of water, because the difficulty of the third route will increase a lot.


#The Third Route – Arrived At The Bottom Of The Golden Cave

As you get closer to the inner edge of the mountain, there is only a jungle road. In this section, you must go further to reach the bottom of the golden cave. This is also a difficult place. You will need to climb up your hands and feet, and there are some gravel on the dirt road. So it will takes a lot of physical strength.

In addition to pay attention to the footsteps, but also pay attention to the Mongcao on both sides, many of them are almost as tall as people, so please be sure to wear long-sleeved trousers and put your own bag tightly through this section. After walking through the miscanthus, you will be able to see the day back to the mountain path. Of course, you will not be able to pass through the layers of difficulty. When you reach the bottom of the Golden Cave, the scenery of the mountains and the sea is waiting for you.


#The Fourth Route – A Layer Of Golden Cave Exploration

At the same time as arriving at the bottom of the Golden Cave, it also means that we are ready to officially open into the Golden Cave! The Golden Cave is actually a hill, and the hill can be divided into three layers, plus the top of the fourth floor. It is recommended that you go to the last level, because there will be a cave on each floor, and each floor has a different view and a must-have point!

The caves on the first floor

The caves on the first floor are very wide, and because of the terrain, there will be coolness when you walk in. Just like entering the air-conditioned room, you can see the shaft in this cave, but please don't approach because the shaft is very Deep, deep to the black can not see the bottom of the kind. The first layer must be taken: from the cave to shoot outside can take the love of VIEW.


The cave on the second floor 

The cave on the second floor has two sides, one side is the mountain and the other side is the sea. It sounds okay, but it is very moving when I actually stand in the cave, because here is a mountain to look forward to, and to see the sea in the future, where can I master the most beautiful mountains and coasts of Taiwan. The second layer must be taken: capture the mountain line in three seconds in the form of a film.


The cave on the third floor

The cave on the third floor is the last layer of the Golden Cave and is the most anticipated layer. Because you can see a lot of special scenery on this floor, the most special thing is that there is a small window on the rock from the cave, and the rock next to the small window is the best photo point, because in addition to the special rock, there is a large sea. As a background, it is very spectacular, and it is definitely a beautiful photo that can't be taken on other routes.


#The Fifth Route – The Moment Of Attack

After walking through the three layers of the Golden Cave, follow the steep mountain trails. Note that many of the small stones in this section are easy to slip, and you can attack the summit in about 15 minutes. The moment when I attacked the summit, I almost cried. I saw a wide plain, and the sunset fell on the mountain line. Looking at such a beautiful scenery, I felt that all the hard work was worth it!


#The Sixth Route – The Final Test Of The Downhill

Complete the Golden Cave attack and go down the mountain with the sunset! The route down the mountain will take the original road back to the first floor, and then the mountain trail will be received from the first floor. The mountain trails here are also very high.

After passing through the mountain trail, you will pass through the entrance of the earless teapot mountain, and finally take the trail back to the parking lot, and you will go through the complete golden route!


Orange Cat Travel's Suggest

This route belongs to the middle and high level. It is suitable for people who have the habit of hiking. If you want to challenge yourself on a weekend, you can find someone with experience to go with you. Don't rush to act alone!


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