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Mt. Hehuan the three most popular climbing routes.




Located at the junction of Nantou County and Hualien, Hehuan Mountain is a very well-known scenic spot in Taiwan. In addition to tourists, it is a must-see mountain for many mountaineers. Hehuan Mountain is a combination of seven peaks, also known as "hehuan peaks", including the main peak of Hehuan, the east peak of Hehuan, the north peak of Hehuan, the west peak of Hehuan, Shimen Mountain, the peak of Hehuan, and the north peak of Shimen. , This time, we are going to recommend the three hottest and easy-to-use mountaineering routes!




Route 1:Mt. Hehuan Main Peak Trails


Mileage:Walk about 1.8K from the 31.4K line on the Taiwan 14A Line (about 1.5 hours back and forth)

The main peak of Hehuan is the most popular route among the most peaks. Although it is called the main peak, it is not the highest altitude or the most difficult, but the scenery on the top of the mountain is undoubtedly the most magnificent and beautiful. Limited novice mountain enthusiasts and travelers will prefer this route!


Route 2:Mt. Hehuan North Peak Trails


Mileage:Walk about 2.3K from the 36.7K line on Tai 14A Line (about 4 hours back and forth)

The North Peak of Hehuan is the highest mountain among the peaks, which is slightly more difficult, but the scenery of the high mountains is definitely worth it, especially when the red-hair peony flowers bloom in May and June, it is very suitable to lightly climb the mountains and enjoy the flowers. Those who maintain exercise habits can take this as a small outdoor challenge.


Route 3:Mt. Hehuan East Peak Trails


Mileage:Walk about 1.2K from the ski resort (about 2.5 hours back and forth)

The east peak of Hehuan is the second highest mountain among the peaks. Most of the routes are simple stepped steps. There are also good observation points along the way to enjoy the scenery. For people who usually climb less often, they are relatively friendly, but due to the terrain The steep rise is faster, and it is recommended that you stop and rest in time to avoid the mountain response.


Special view:Wuling Parking Lot Sunrise

If every route is too lazy, but want to take away the unforgettable memories from the rare trip to Hehuan Mountain, we recommend that you drive directly to the parking lot of Wuling in the early morning, because you can see the most beautiful sunrise in Taiwan. Sunrise time query >>


OrangeCatTravel's experience

The three routes of Hehuan Qunfeng are better to get started than other Baiyue, but it is still necessary to evaluate whether they are suitable for mountain climbing according to their own physical conditions, and avoid high mountain response. In addition, Alpine Hiking recommends that you slow down your steps, reduce your pace, and try to breathe through your nose to avoid inhaling too much cold air into your chest. If you do n’t usually have exercise or mountain climbing habits, you can bring a trekking pole to do more with less!


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