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Xiaobian Tachibana has introduced many outdoor activities, including mountain climbing, flower viewing, SUP, yachting, etc. (click me to read the article), but this time I will have a different gameplay. Maybe many people know about "outdoor yoga" but have never tried it. Following the professional yoga teacher, the "Shiraishi Mori Living Leisure Farm" moved the classroom from indoor to outdoor, and the course design is very suitable for beginners, and it is highly recommended for travelers who want to experience special outdoor activities!




About Baishi Senhuo Leisure Farm

Baishi Senhuo Leisure Farm in Neihu, Taipei City is an outdoor teaching garden that integrates leisure, education, production and experience. Here you can experience a variety of interesting outdoor activities, from DIY teaching by traditional art and cultural workers, Making handmade biscuits, fragrant herbal teas, freshly picked organic strawberries, etc., perfect space and facility planning, let us stay in the city closer to nature.

In addition, I secretly tell everyone that this is also a hidden version of the Secret Realm of Tajima pine. From November to February, if you have time, you can also walk here, and even enjoy the Tajima pine while doing yoga!



1. By car (from Taipei City): Take Section 2 of Civic Avenue, Section 3 of Civic Avenue, Civic Avenue, Section of Diding Avenue and Gangqian Road to Bishan Road in Neihu District, and follow Bishan Road to the destination.

2. Public transportation (departing from Neihu MRT Station): At the bus stop of MRT Neihu Station Exit 1, take a small 2 shuttle bus to "Shikan", and then walk for about six minutes to reach the destination.

3. Chartered car (departing from residence): order the chartered car service on the official website of Orange Cat Travel Charter before departure, and you can depart from your residence at the designated time and reach your destination directly.


Experience content

The outdoor yoga trip we participated in this time was the "White Rock Forest Living Leisure Farm" in Neihu. Originally I thought that we were going to just an ordinary leisure farm. I didn't expect the teacher to choose the venue also spent a lot of thought. When we enter the farm, we are greeted by a whole piece of taichung pine. From the entrance, you can make the scenery along various trails, planting experience area, 101 overlooking arch bridge and other facilities. Before you start doing yoga, you feel that your body, mind, and body are healed.


When I was still immersed in the scenery of the farm, I met the yoga teacher who took us to experience this time – Nico. The teacher said that he saw a lot of venues until he walked into the farm and talked with the owner of the farm. They all thought they would bring yoga to Outdoors is a kind of natural energy exchange, but also a kind of self-healing, so it is also because of this that we will be lucky enough to come to such a beautiful place in such a comfortable weather to do yoga together.


This yoga course is a 60-minute basic teaching. The teacher took us to try to experience it in different fields. After warming up, we calmed down and got used to outdoor venues, and then started to do some more challenging postures. After that, we also took a pose photo on the meditation stone. Don’t underestimate this stone. Mayor Ke P once sat down here.


Today’s yoga teaching ended at sunset. We returned to the second floor of the restaurant on the farm. The proprietress specially asked us to enjoy the romantic time of the sunset on the balcony on the second floor. She also prepared chrysanthemum vanilla tea and cheese cake to entertain us. At sunset, we chatted relaxedly about how we feel today. This is probably the best yoga class we have ever experienced.

Yoga classmate A’s experience sharing: I say I dance every day, and I have been stretching and relaxing, but after a whole day of class today, I realized that my body has so many shortcomings.

Yoga classmate B's experience sharing: Said that the practice of grass yoga is very close to nature and very healing. I haven't practiced yoga for a while. This time I can use different ways to contact it, which is very special.


About Teacher Nico

It is a very happy thing to be able to set foot on a yoga mat. Fall in love with yoga and start to change.


【Study certification】

2019 March 60 hours Rocket Yoga teacher training

2020 March Bali Indonesia 200 hours Yoga teacher training

2021 Bodhi Yoga 200 hours Yoga teacher training

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