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The Most Beautiful Baiyue Sunrise | Full Record of Hehuan North Peak Sunrise Hiking Group




Following in the footsteps of Xiaobian Orange, everyone should be familiar with several popular suburban mountains all over Taiwan! Are you ready to move towards Baiyue next? Because it is said that only by walking through Baiyue can you truly feel the charm of the mountains. Not only is it closer to the sky and the peaks, but the sunrise is even more touching. This time, Xiaobian and professional guides took a trip to the north peak of Hehuan Mountain. , To capture the most beautiful sunrise in Baiyue among mountain friends!


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About North Peak of Hehuan Mountain

Altitude: 3421 meters | Approximately 2.4 kilometers in length

Difficulty: ●●●○○ | Round trip about 4 hours

※Departure time: 10/3-4 (Six-Sun), 10/10-11 (Six-Sun)

The Hehuan Peak is a series of seven peaks. It is a "must climb" for many mountain climbers. The introduction to the Baiyue this time is the Hehuan North Peak located on the western boundary of Taroko National Park. The Baiyue ranks 34. It is the highest peak of the albizia group. The first part of the route rises quickly at 1K. It is recommended to slow down to avoid altitude sickness. The latter part of the route is relatively smooth and easy to walk. Every May and June is the flowering season of the red azaleas, in addition to climbing mountains, you can also enjoy the flowers!



1. By car (from Taipei): Drive along National Highway No. 1, National Highway No. 3 and National Highway No. 6 to Puli Township, Section 1 of Zhongshan Road/Puwu Highway/Taiwan Line 14 to Line 14A in Renai Township to the destination.

2. Chartered car (departing from the residence): order a car charter service on the official website of Orange Cat Travel Charter before departure, and you can depart from your residence directly to your destination at the specified time.


Preparation before departure

1. Hiking shoes with good grip

2. Warm clothing (windbreaker, pantyhose, woolen cap, collar, thick socks, etc.)

3. Simple carry-on backpack

4. Trekking poles (there are downward cuts and steep ascents along the way)

5. Headlights (must be brought! The sunrise tour needs to start in the dark)

6. Sun protection and rain protection products

7. Water (it is recommended to prepare at least 2000CC)

8. Action food (it is recommended to bring food that is not perishable and easy to eat)

9. Confirm the climate (Central Meteorological Bureau, Ministry of Transport:

10. Maintain exercise habits (it is recommended that everyone develops a habit of at least 30 minutes a day on weekdays, so that the body can remember the state of exercise can get twice the result with half the effort!)

11. Sufficient sleep (be sure to get enough sleep before departure, because you must wake up in the early morning of the sunrise group!)

(*2020/9/8 record: the temperature is only 6 degrees at 5:16 in the morning.)


Climbing route

Depart in the dark

Because we are taking the sunrise trip this time, we must go up to the mountain in the dark. Due to the poor view in the early morning, if you want to walk slowly, it is recommended to start the boarding at 03:00 at the latest. "About 1K in the front section is a section of Hehuan North Peak that needs special attention. Because the trail is narrow and steep, and the difficulty of getting dark is greatly increased, I sincerely recommend that you start early if you can, slow down and walk steady and let your body take time. Adapt to the alpine environment

Tips for climbing mountains:

1. If you feel wheezing or even dizzy, you can go further by slowing down and reducing the pace.

2. Use your nose to breathe more to avoid inhaling too much cold air in your lungs and reduce water loss.


The most beautiful sunrise

Climbing all the way from the mountain trail to 1.3K, the sky gradually cools down and the view is wide. In the distance, you can see the famous landmark "Radio Reflector" of the North Peak. Congratulations, you have made it through the most difficult section of Hehuan North Peak!

On the way to the reflector, we met the most beautiful sunrise in the legendary Baiyue, which is the pink dreamy scenery before the sun has completely risen. At this time, the mountain friends have a tacit understanding to stop and put down the trekking poles. , Standing on the ridgeline facing the sunrise, enjoying the impact and touch of this Baiyue.

Arrive at the radio wave reflector

Although it is a sunrise group, it does not leave after watching the sunrise. Of course, you must take down this Baiyue when you get to this place! The sun gradually rose, and our pace of reaching the top continued, walking towards the well-known landmark "Radio Reflector" on the Hehuan North Peak Trail. The sun had risen completely when I reached the reflector.


Can meet the unquestionable light of Jesus

After leaving the reflector and heading towards the triangle point, at this moment, let us take a picture of the "Jesus Light" that is unacceptable. The sun that has just risen penetrated through the gaps in the clouds and mist, illuminating the mist in the air into bunches A beam of light falling from the sky.


Take down the top of Hehuan North Peak

The triangular point is located about 200 meters away from the reflector. If you walk 200 meters longer, the scenery you see is completely different. The ridgelines of the high-lower peaks clearly appear in front of you, which is worthy of the title of the highest peak of Albizia And in about 2 hours away, you can see this kind of scenery. No wonder many people say that this Baiyue is not only suitable for beginners, but even veterans who love mountains and become obsessed with it, because of its high CP value. !


Do not forget to catch the famous tree of the north peak and the eagle sharp stone

After hitting the top, we started to cut down the original road. It was still early on the return journey. Shanyou suggested to find the very popular photo spots of Hehuan North Peak, located at 0.9K "Eagle Point Stone" and "North Peak Famous Tree". The two attractions are about 20 minutes walk away. , I suggest that you can go when you have enough time to go down the mountain, because you will not want to miss the sunrise on the top of the mountain, and these two points are better to shoot when the sky is bright!


Orange cat's thoughtful suggestions

The north peak of Hehuana introduced this time is a high-altitude mountain, and the drop may be more than 20 degrees at low temperatures. Particular attention should be paid to keep warm, and when the weather is good, sun protection and hydration should be done at the same time. Because there is no shade on the ridgeline for long walking, it is easy to get sunburned. Although Huanbei Peak is an entry to Baiyue, it is still difficult. If you are new to Baiyue or do not have much mountaineering experience, please refer to the sunrise group itinerary that Xiaobian Orange participated in this time: https://8car.


2020 Delegation Form: Taiwan's Exquisite Mountaineering and Hiking Tour

Suggested transportation: Taiwan customized charter service


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