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Recommendation | Jingmei Yoga Classroom.Release the tense body and mind x Orange Cat Yoga





Recommendation | Jingmei Yoga Classroom.Release the tense body and mind x Orange Cat Yoga


In the busy atmosphere of modern Taipei's urban society, many people suffer from poor sleep quality and overeating due to work and life pressure. If you want to express stress, anxiety and fatigue, yoga is actually a good choice for stress relief.


What I want to share today is a brand new yoga classroom - "Orange Cat Yoga", which is located in Wenshan District, Taipei City, near MRT Jingmei Station and Wanlong Station. In addition to professional yoga teachers and a large classroom with comfortable soft floors, you can use it. It will also be divided according to the level and needs of the students. It is not only suitable for novices who want to develop daily exercise habits, but also students with yoga experience are very welcome to join!


Orange Cat Yoga Location

Address: No. 107, Section 6, Roosevelt Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City.

The classroom location is between Jingmei and Wanlong.


Take the MRT Green Line to Jingmei Station or Wanlong Station.

Jingmei Station: Walk for about 6 minutes from Exit 2 (600 meters)

Wanlong Station: About 4 minutes walk from Exit 2 (400 meters)


Introduction to Orange Cat Yoga Environment

Spacious and bright classrooms with small class sizes and group classes of 3 to 6 students.

The advantages of the small class system are under the control of the number of people, and the teacher can take care of each student to do more careful movement guidance, so as to improve the quality of teaching, and to truly relax physically and mentally in a quiet and comfortable environment.


Orange Cat Yoga Class Mode

➤ The Newst timetable: Orange Cat Yoga - Wenshan Hall Class Schedule

New friends who come here for the first time can make an appointment for a group class experience $500 / single class.

After the experience, if you like the environment here, you can choose to sign up for group classes or one-to-one customized yoga classes.

◎ Group class:

Two-month period, a total of 8 lessons / $3200.

You can choose a suitable yoga class according to your level and time.

◎ One-to-one customization:

Your own relaxation time $1800 / 1hr.

With a high degree of freedom, you can flexibly plan extra class time with your teacher, or you can share a package with your family and friends.


 ▲ Group yoga teaching for 3~6 people.

In a small class environment, teachers can take care of each student and provide further guidance.


 ▲ One-to-one customized teaching.

If you have special time requirements or prefer a quieter and more comfortable space.

You can choose one-to-one customized teaching with teachers, and also welcome to share lessons with friends and relatives.

There will be more flexibility in the arrangement of time and course content!


Orange Cat Yoga - Demonstration Video by Ms. Necola


➤ More about Ms. Necola and yoga classes (basic/advanced):Orange Cat Yoga - Wenshan Hall | Ms. Necola 


Orange Cat Yoga Experience Unboxing Sharing

 ▲ Pre-class consultation.

Ms. Necola will give you advice on the course according to individual needs, physique and physical conditions.

If it is not convenient to come to the site, you can also consult online:

Official line@ (click me to go)

 Official FB fan page (click me to go)



 ▲ The classroom provides yoga ropes, yoga blocks, etc.

 ▲ Use yoga pillow to do Lajin and relax.


 ▲ Guidance on the application of yoga towel - to assist the stretching and balance of yoga exercise, improve exercise safety and comfort.


"Baby Pose" Demonstration


Doing yoga baby pose before bed can increase blood circulation in the back and improve soreness.

Modern people often play computers and use 3C products in the same posture, which causes the muscles of the shoulders and neck to become more and more sticky and tight, and will lead to muscle inflammation and pain in the long run.

The baby pose can improve this problem and help the neck. , shoulder and hip extension, relieve back and waist discomfort caused by poor posture, very suitable for sedentary office workers.


"Downward Dog" Demonstration


In addition to stretching the muscles of the back, this action can even feel the shoulders, arms and legs. By pressing down with both hands, it can help open the chest, correct the hunchback and spine position, and make breathing easier.

Beginners may encounter the situation that the tendons are too hard and the back is not straight, which makes the movements not standard.
Ms. Necola will be attentive to help guide the adjustment of posture.


 ▲ yoga rope use.


 ▲ Customized Content - Handstand Learning.


 ▲ Ms. Necola assistance with instruction and postural adjustment.


 ▲ With the help of Ms. Necola in the moment of concentration, you can re-understand your body faster.


 ▲ Benefits of going to a yoga classroom.

In addition to the teacher can personally guide the correct action next to you, Ms. Necola will also professionally judge what kind of movements to teach depending on the situation of the day.

Don't worry about not being able to keep up or doing difficult yoga movements that are not suitable for you to avoid sports injuries!









Orange Cat Yoga Class (MRT Jingmei/Wanlong Station)

➤ Orange cat yoga official website:

➤ Orange cat yoga FB fan page:

Address: No. 107, Section 6, Roosevelt Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City.

Course related inquiries:
(Service Time: Weekdays 9:00 - 18:00)

telephone: 02-2934-3589

Official line@ (click me to go)




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