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Yoga Course Exploration | 7 kinds of introductory yoga suitable for beginners, let you enter the world of yoga with peace of mind





Yoga Course Exploration | 7 kinds of introductory yoga suitable for beginners, let you enter the world of yoga with peace of mind


In recent years, yoga has become a popular sport around the world. Yoga can not only sculpt the body, but also relieve stress and regulate the body and mind. However, there are many types of yoga. For yoga beginners, they often don’t know where to choose. The most suitable yoga courses for beginners, so that beginners can understand the characteristics, suitable ethnic groups and benefits of various yoga, and then choose the most suitable yoga courses for them, find the yoga exercise that meets their own needs, and successfully achieve their ideals The perfect body in!


No. 1: Basic Yoga


It is most suitable for beginners who want to learn about yoga, or yoga practitioners who interrupt their practice due to some factors during the practice process. From the asanas (movements) that are often used in yoga, the movements that are suitable for beginners are specially selected. The movements in the course are less difficult and the practice speed is slower, so that students can relax and learn yoga in a stress-free and competitive environment.



Suitable for newbies with zero touch in the past

Have a teacher to guide you to avoid sports injuries that you do yourselfThe teacher will explain and teach in depth to help new students who are trying yoga practice for the first time, so as to know how to perform the movements safely and avoid unnecessary harm and psychological pressure caused by too fast or too difficult movements during practice.


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No. 2: Sleeping Yoga

【 ▲Mrs. Necola - Sleep Yoga Demonstration Video 】


Due to the high pressure of modern people, not only do they often not have enough sleep time, but also because the pressure is not eliminated, resulting in poor sleep, etc., it is easy to make the skin lose luster, acne, etc., which greatly deducts beauty points.
Sleep yoga is to use gentle yoga movements with breathing guidance before going to bed, relax the tense nerves with a slow stretching rhythm, and let your body and muscles release pressure, improve sleep quality, and achieve real life. Relax!



Burn fat while sleepingStudies have shown that 24 to 48 hours after bedtime yoga, a high metabolic rate can still be maintained, which is the "afterburning effect", which means that the body continues to burn fat while lying in bed.

Relax your brain and relieve stressSleep aid yoga by changing the nervous system's response to stress (anxiety, depression, palpitations, insomnia, headache, weakness, etc.), which in turn affects the frequency of brain waves, the secretion of stress hormones, and reduces the activity of sympathetic nerves. The main factor to help relieve stress.

Relieve body pain and adjust menstrual disordersStudies have found that the pituitary gland stimulates the brain to secrete "endorphins". This hormone has the same pain relief effect as morphine, improving immunity and self-healing ability; at the same time, it can also adjust irregular menstrual periods, regulate menstrual flow, and promote normal ovarian function. Women are also very beneficial.


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No. 3: Assistive Yoga


In the process of practicing yoga, it is inevitable that beginners will not be able to perform difficult asanas because of their lack of flexibility. Generally, yoga teachers will recommend that you use some yoga aids to help you practice.
Using all kinds of auxiliary exercises (yoga mats, yoga ropes, yoga blocks, yoga pillows, chairs, etc.), through the step-by-step guidance of the teacher, students can realize the correctness of the action and find the way that is suitable for their own practice. And in the process to enhance self-confidence and enjoy the fun of learning, you can also complete more challenging movements.



Clearly recognize the correctness of postureUsing yoga aids can help you feel where your posture is used and boost your self-confidence.

help with asanaWhen we need external help to complete a certain pose, we can use yoga aids. If we can use the aids correctly, we can better complete the poses that need to be practiced, ensure the correct position, and avoid the cause of hard pulling. body strain.

Help with better breathingSometimes when we've been trying to do a certain pose, the focus is on the limbs and we forget about even breathing. After using yoga aids, you can not only complete the established postures, but also focus on breathing and devote yourself to the comfort brought by yoga.


No. 4: One-to-one private yoga teaching


Those who have no exercise habits, who have tried yoga for the first time, and are not yet familiar with the rhythm of yoga, often have problems with incorrect center of gravity and wrong use of muscles, which will affect the training of flexibility and muscle endurance. Adjust movements and postures through personal trainers. It can make the basic skills more solid, and also maintain confidence and patience in yoga training.
The personal trainer sets the exercise schedule according to the individual's physical condition, and uses systematic training to gradually strengthen the muscular endurance or flexibility of each part of the body. Enjoy the beauty of practicing yoga.



Time elasticityModern people live a busy life, and everyone plans different times. Sometimes it may be difficult to match the time of group classes. One-to-one yoga classes are more flexible in time. Teachers and students can cooperate with each other, and they can arrange classes freely according to their own time. Compared with group classes, the time is fixed.

Tailored coursesDifferent from group class teachers, personal trainers can customize exercise schedules for students, understand students’ old diseases and avoid injuries. At the same time, they can use yoga and stretching to ease physical pain, restore healthy physical fitness and sculptural neatness. body lines.

The teacher can assist in timeIn the group class, after the teacher has demonstrated the movements, he can only help everyone to adjust their postures one by one. It does not take too much time for everyone. If you choose a one-on-one class, the teacher will accompany you. When you finish the course, if the posture is not correct, the teacher can help you adjust it in time. If you encounter any problems, the teacher can immediately assist you.


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No. 5: Yin Yoga

【 ▲Mrs. Necola - Lizard Demonstration 】


It is the basic yoga concept combined with Chinese Taoist thought and Chinese medicine energy channel (meridian) theory, in the body, tendons, ligaments and fascia are yin, while muscles and blood are yang; therefore, yin yoga focuses on stretching the fascia, so In addition to the activities of the muscles and bones of the body, it pays more attention to the "harmony of yin and yang" of the body and mind.
Most of the time is practiced in lying and sitting positions, stressing relaxation of body muscles through passive methods, allowing the body to deeply repair, maintaining a movement for 3-5 minutes in a state of no distractions, to achieve the effect of exercising bones and stretching the whole body. It can better regulate the nervous system and release internal stress.



Correct hip positionYin yoga focuses on the training of the lower body, emphasizing the health of the "hip" and "spine". Therefore, it is mainly based on sitting or lying positions, which can correct the position of the hip joint. Daily practice can help the posture become better.

Unblock the meridians and nourish the visceraStretching and staying in asanas can nourish the viscera, clear the meridians, reconcile Qi and blood, and relax the body.

Exercise the connective tissue in the joints to prevent agingYin yoga can exercise the stiff connective tissue in the joints and the blood is not smooth, help you to eliminate the toxins in the body, and at the same time promote the metabolism of the whole body and become healthier.



No. 6: Hatha Yoga

【 ▲Mrs. Necola - Crow Demonstration 】


Hatha Yoga is the oldest traditional yoga system of all types of yoga, with a strong emphasis on "controlling the breath" and "bringing a sense of well-being to the body and mind".
During the practice, learn ancient asana techniques, breathing, dynamic postures, and still postures. Through regular deep breathing, you can calm your mind and mind, and on top of this, you can improve the feeling of each movement and body part to produce a balancing effect. Harmony and tranquility of body and mind.



Suitable for the elderly, housewives or stressed office workersHatha Yoga is a combination of breathing, meditation and asana to purify and strengthen every cell in our body, so that we can release its potential in the face of normal injury to eliminate the uneasy factors in the body.

訓練深層肌肉Not only effectively coordinate bones and muscles, but also help blood circulation, lymphatic system, release fascia and connective tissue to increase our lung capacity.

Improve awarenessTo practice hatha yoga, the first step is to train yourself to be mindful, to observe yourself, to develop the habit of witnessing your every move, to be aware of your body state from head to toe, whether it is the external posture of the body, or the internal muscles such as muscles Tension, heart rate, blood flow, breathing, etc., so that you can really watch and understand your body.



No. 7: Outdoor Yoga

【 ▲Outdoor Yoga Camp - Day Trip to Shiraishi Farm 】


In recent years, outdoor yoga has become a new trend. Compared with doing yoga indoors facing concrete walls and ceilings, actually going outdoors can better appreciate the wisdom handed down from ancient India and have more health benefits.
Open a communication between people and nature outdoors. During the quiet yoga process, try to temporarily forget all the disturbances in your mind. You will find that your senses become wider, your concentration is better, and your mood is happier. , This is the double gift of yoga and nature to you. When you return to the established track of life, you can face the next challenges with a brand new self, and you will look forward to the next outdoor yoga journey.



Stabilize autonomic nervesDomestic and foreign studies have found that activities in the forest can help the human body to regulate the autonomic nervous system, increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, and slow down the stress response. At the same time improve endocrine, reduce the effect of stress hormones. The phytoncide in the forest can stabilize the central nervous system and make people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Improve concentrationYoga values the connection between the inner self and the outer environment, so in India, many people go outside to do yoga. When outdoors, notice the interaction between your body and the environment, and your concentration will naturally increase. Every stretch, forward bend, and twist can give you a deeper feel for the improvement of your body's softness.

Strengthen cardiopulmonary functionThe biggest advantage of outdoor yoga is that the air is good. In yoga practice, breathing is the most important part. The space in the venue is relatively closed, and the air circulation is far less than the freshness in nature. The oxygen content in nature High, people will unconsciously take a deep breath, which is conducive to strengthening the heart and lung function.


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