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Hot Taiwan Autumn Maple Routes, Take you to Hidden Spots!

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When the Portuguese sailed through Taiwan in the 16th century, they looked at the mountains and mountains on the island. They had rich and varied landscapes, so they called Ilha Formosa meaning the island of beauty. Taiwan is on the Tropic of Cancer and has temperate and tropical The climate has four distinct seasons in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and the beautiful scenery varies with the seasons. It can be said that it is amazed everywhere.

After enjoying the warm sunshine in the summer, the season of autumn and high is coming soon. This article is about to tell you about the autumn season, which is the most suitable for the tourist season. What are the beautiful secret spots of Taiwan autumn tour, and explore with the orange cat!


An overview of this autumn tour

【Nantou】Qingjing Farm
【Taipei】Taipei Maple Resort
【Taipei】Caoling Historic Trail
【Taichung】Wuling Farm
【Recommended Routes】Orange Cat Exclusive Tours


【Taipei】Taipei Maple resort

Address:Inside Lane 10, Pingjing Street, Shilin District, Taipei

Contact:02 2861 9862

Business Hours:09:00 ~ 18:00

Address:Dear Village, Renai Township, Nantou County

Ticket:Weekend $200元 Weekday150元


The Owanda National Forest Recreation Area is a valley run by the Wanda River. It belongs to the alpine valley terrain and is between 1100 and 2600 meters above sea level. It is known as the hometown of Maple Leaf. Every autumn and winter maple red season is always attractive. Many tourists visit Owanda. The area is quite large. There are many natural ecological scenery that you can enjoy. You can thoroughly experience the beauty of the forest. You can divide it into the Maple Platform, the Tourist Center, the Forest Park, and the Shanlin District. Come and see the beautiful scenery that Ovanda can't miss in the fall!

Autumn Maple Forest

Maple forest District is the most representative area of ​​Aowan University. It is surrounded by Nanxi Beixi. The maple trees here are natural native forests. The 2,425-meter-long Fenglin Trail allows many people to stay in Fenglin District. There is a Songfeng Suspension Bridge, and the beautiful scenery of autumn and winter with red maple leaves makes people linger. The Songlin District is also a representative area in the park. There are not only ancient trees and historic pine forests, but also special cork oaks with bark structure and trails in the pine forest area. It is about 2,885 meters long and is the longest in the Aowa Forest Recreation Area. The special scenery and natural ecology make visitors feel refreshed.

Waterfall & Forest

There are three waterfalls in the "Waterfall Area". You can walk along the 1100-meter waterfall trail, breathe the forest's Fendojing, feel the anions released by the waterfall, and have a representative adjustment below the waterfall. The pool; "Forest Park" is located in the middle section of the Owan Grand Middle School. The northwest and southeast sides are surrounded by the Magu River and the North Stream respectively. The four platform areas are a good place for people to experience the beauty of the forest. The forest classroom preserves the most primitive natural ecology, 2550. The long forest trail is a great place to lead the people to experience the natural wonders.

When people come to the Owan National Forest Recreation Area, they can go to the waterfall area, the forest park, the Fenglin area and the Songlin area to enjoy the beautiful scenery. They can also go to the ecological pool, the cherry blossom garden and the Hanhanpo trail. A pretty good place to go in the park.


【Taipei】QingJing Farm

Address:No. 170, Renhe Road, Ren'ai Township, Nantou County

Business Hour:08:00 ~ 17:00

Located at the high-altitude Cingjing Farm, in addition to being far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is more common to think of another country. It is a mountain, a sea of clouds and sky. The scenery here is uninterrupted all the time. The special natural topographical landscape here combines with farming and animal husbandry to develop into a leisure sightseeing area. In addition to being the most natural alpine natural ecology, there are also sheep show, equestrian show, animal husbandry center, green grassland, and other activities and areas.


【Taichung】Wuling Farm

address:3-1 Wuling Road, Pingli, Taichung City

Business Hours:09:00 ~ 18:00

When it comes to autumn maple viewing, Taiwan's most famous maple leaf shrine is Wuling Farm. The whole maple leaf forest is like a fairyland. It is also part of the Wuling National Forest Recreation Area. The choice of recreation is quite diverse. It is the best reward of Wuling Farm in mid-November. During the maple season, the full maple leaf swaying is quite poetic and full of beauty.



Address:No. 2 Simacus 2, Yufeng Village, Hsinchu County (2 Days trip is recommended)

business hours:09:00 ~ 18:00

Simacus is located in the depths of the Jianshi Mountain. It is a beautiful secret that every Taiwanese wants to go to pilgrimage. Because it is too remote, it is the village that arrives in Taiwan at the latest with electricity. It is a sky tribe jointly maintained by the Atayal people. In the autumn, the autumn maple leaves add red and yellow color to the rolling hills. In every mountainous road outside the village, there are maple trees dotted along the way. Once in the evening, Simacus, who has no light, can always be Surrounded by a splendid starry sky, it is a mysterious sight that must go for a lifetime!


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【Children's Route】台中 > 清境農場 > 小瑞士花園/紙箱王 > 18度C巧克力工房 > 逢甲夜市 > 台中住宿

【Family Route】台中 > 18度C巧克力工房 > 埔里酒廠 > 普里紙教堂 > 廣興紙寮 > 台中住宿


Small Tip:

Taiwan's natural beauty is diverse, and the autumn maple can also go to many natural attractions in Taiwan at the same time! Because the traffic in these areas is inconvenient, if the number is more than 3 people, Xiao Bian is quite recommended to charter a car, not only the traffic is arbitrary, but the transportation in some remote areas is not only time-consuming and low-cost, but also the directors who are familiar with the road can also Arranging the best route according to your preferences can be said to save time and money!

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