Orange Cat Travel Charter Cars in 《 Meet Taipei - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival》Waiting for you! Taipei Flower Expo Exhibition Hall 11/15~17 (Thursday-Saturday-Exhibition for three days)




Orange Cat Travel Charter Cars in 《 Jie Taipei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival》 Waiting for you!

Taipei Flower Expo Exhibition Hall 11/15~17 (Thursday-Saturday-Exhibition for three days)

Startup High-5ive
The new wave of Taiwan entrepreneurship in the next 5 years

Entrepreneurship is like surfing, crouching on the tide of being ready to go, waiting for the next opportunity. Then jumped up, followed the peak and fought and walked.

In a visible and unknown industrial environment, it is full of opportunities and challenges, passion and rationality, encouragement and frustration. We have ushered in unprecedented new inventions and new business opportunities, many unicorns have been born, and countless startup companies have been involved in the New World. But it is undeniable that our heart is full of great sorrow in addition to hope: What will the next big technology explosion be? The speed of innovation is fast, but how can it be implemented as a business that benefits humanity? Who can become a truly great company among the many unicorns? Still lonely?

Meet Taipei Innovation and Carnival came to the 5th, "Startup High-5ive" as the theme, curating the opportunity to face the challenge, respond to the problem and try to answer. Co-prosperity with Taiwan's entrepreneurial community; and the global entrepreneurial ecosystem; more Taiwan's new team will be applauded and re-create the next wave of Taiwan's new wave of entrepreneurship in the next five years.

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