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[all Taiwan mountain chartered Private tour] popular route recommendation, fee description, customized arrangements

[all Taiwan mountain chartered Private tour] popular route recommendation, fee description, customized arrangements




Depend on customers


2019-11-18~2020-12-31 Total 409 Day



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► Pick-up number: one person

► Driving time: different routes

► Meet up: pick up and drop off according to guest's location

► Language: Chinese / English

1. It is safe and easy for professional driver to pick you up and pick you up, so you don't need to wait for the bus to find the way

2. Taiwan's legitimate a-type travel agencies and members of the quality assurance association all offer TWD of 2 million yuan and medical TWD of 100,000 yuan

3. Google rated 4.7 stars, ranked first in the chartered car industry, and successfully served more than 100K passengers at home and abroad

4. According to different climbing routes, we can provide considerate value-added services, such as booking local homestay, meals, and easy washing-up after the descent

5. For articles and information about mountaineering, please refer to the orange cat charter tour article


Route recommendation

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Meet up


Jiaming Lake


Depend on customers


Yushan Mountains




Snow mountain






Fee Detail

• Included

1. Driver service fee, fuel fee, toll fee, parking fee, insurance premium (travel insurance TWD2 million/person +TWD 100,000 medical insurance)

2. Accommodation and meals for drivers (except jiaming lake)

3. Hotels, homestays and other areas will be sent to and from the government office

4. Accessories are free of charge

Not Included

1. Accommodation, meals, tickets, and other personal expenses

2. Additional expenses caused by force majeure such as traffic delays, strikes, weather, aircraft, machine failure, flight cancellation or change of time

3. Jiaming lake director accommodation meals

• the basic rate is flat/holiday, depending on the number of people and the location of the connection, and in case of major festivals and Spring Festival, please contact customer service to re-quote to confirm whether the reservation is available

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1. Fully cooperate with the connection time and place of the guest.

2. We strictly check the pass of the supervisor, requiring the driver not to drink alcohol within 24 hours after departure, and the vehicle shall be inspected regularly, so as to ensure the quality of the vehicle and safety first.

3. During the climbing, stay near the mountaineering entrance, within one hour's drive, and receive messages. In case of any accident, guests can contact the driver, who can help to ask for help.

Other Service

1. If you need to make final supplies, the driver knows the location of the last convenience store on the way to the mountain entrance.

2. After the mountain, we will provide you with mineral water for free, hoping to relieve your fatigue after the mountain climbing.

3. Value-added services: restaurant recommendation, mountain homestay booking, easy lavatory, etc.

How To Book

1. Click "Quote" to sign up, and the service staff will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the itinerary

2. If you have any questions, please click on the link below. After receiving the line consultation, the customer service confirms the relevant details and will set up a payment order for you. You can pay the payment online by swiping the card online, and the entire registration process is completed.


1. If the driving hours are long and you are prone to motion sickness, it is suggested that you prepare for the trip (bring your own medicine) and measure your health status.

2. The actual vehicle payment is different according to the delivery status of the day, all vehicles of the same level are provided for connection. If there are more mountaineering luggage, please take the initiative to inform the customer service, in order to arrange a larger vehicle payment

3. If there is an emergency during the drive, please inform us as soon as possible.


Cancellation Regulation

1. If a guest cancels his/her trip due to personal reasons, the expenses shall be handled according to the standard of "Domestic Tourism Standard Contract" issued by the Tourism Bureau

Cancellation 41 days prior to departure will be subject to 5% travel charge

Cancellation 31 to 40 days prior to departure will be subject to 10% travel charge

Cancellation 21 to 30 days prior to departure will be subject to 20% of total travel charge

Cancellation 2 to 20 days prior to departure will be subject to 30% of total travel charge

Cancellation 1 day prior to departure is subject to 50% of travel charge

Cancellation of order on departure day, late gathering, departure for personal reasons, and non-notification will not be refunded

2. The fee will not be refunded if the trip is not completed due to sudden change of weather or personal factors during the activity

3. Cancel the trip in case of irresistible factors (e.g., typhoon, earthquake and other natural disasters; Walrus road condition is not good enough to travel), can be delayed free of charge, or deduct necessary fees and administrative fees total travel expenses 5% of the balance of refund.




[all Taiwan mountain chartered Private tour] popular route recommendation, fee description, customized arrangements