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【Large Forest in the Sky】Rome walks one day and one night

【Large Forest in the Sky】Rome walks one day and one night




Taipei Guting Station exit2


2021-09-20~2021-12-31 Total 102 Day



Orange Cat provides transportation from Taipei to Rome (Luoyewei Mountain, Mawu Sano Koriyama) transportation, and professional guides will take you to experience the beauty of the golden grassland of the vast mountains. This itinerary is suitable for those who have climbed Mount Jiali or above the Baiyue level to sign up. Orange Cat takes everyone to "enjoy the real nature in the soul", and sincerely invites you to be our partner in the mountains and water.


Explore this forest world closer to the sky

Roman vertical walk refers to the ridge line connecting Luoyewei Mountain to Mawu Sano Koriyama. It is a somewhat difficult intermediate mountain route. Along the road, you can overlook the Nanhu Dashan, the second section of the north, the central tip, the snowy mountains, the Daba, and the Wuling four. Show off the peaks and visit the thousand-year-old Roman sacred tree and the vast golden grassland. You will feel that everything is worth it. This is the mysterious charm of Rome walking. The two triangular points are equipped with 360 magnificent landscapes with different views, waiting for you to experience together.

▲The majestic Roman sacred tree, very huge


▲The whole piece of golden grassland




19:00 Meet at Exit 2 of Taipei Guting MRT Station

21:30 Check in at Yilan Nanshan Village-Lunda B&B

▎Dinner: take care of yourself

▎Accommodation: Nanshan Village Longda B&B

**There is a FamilyMart convenience store next to the homestay, which is convenient for group members to buy mountaineering food**



05:00 Get up and get ready to go

06:30 Depart from Siyuan Dumb Disused Police Station (Entrance A)

10:00 Mount Luo Yewei

14:00 Mawu Sano Koriyama

16:30 Horsetail (ㄕˊ) Bridge (Exit B)

19:00 Jiaoxi celebration dinner

21:30 Arrive at Exit 2 of Taipei Guting MRT Station

▎Breakfast: Longda B&B/Breakfast 2 steamed buns or roast pork dumplings & hot milk

▎Lunch: Forest lunch (bring your own food)

▎Dinner: Jiaoxi ‎Fuge Stone Kiln Chicken

Check out time


sign-up process

Application fee: NT5,000 yuan/person

Click on the consultation and quotation registration, the customer service staff will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the itinerary

The registration fee includes: Nanshan Village Longda Homestay (3-6 people share a room, separate for men and women), transportation, travel insurance, mountain guide, D2 celebration dinner.

Remind you, if you need it, please be sure to insure the mountain climbing insurance by yourself

Sign up


common problem

Q1: What is the climate situation?

The weather conditions in mountainous areas are relatively unstable and it may rain, so you need to bring your own rain gear

Q2: I rarely climb mountains. Is it suitable to participate in this itinerary?

This itinerary is suitable for those who have climbed Mount Jiali or Baiyue or above to sign up

Q3: After ordering, is it guaranteed to be out of the group?

If you cannot make the trip due to insufficient number of people, you can change to another session or choose a full refund

Q4: What are the payment methods that can be selected when registering?

ATM remittance (five digits after the transfer notification), credit card (please contact customer service to create an order for you)

Zhenxin International Travel Agency Account

Bank code: Yushan Bank 808

Branch: Luzhou Branch

Account Name: Zhenxin International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Account number: 0820940016517

Q5: When is the latest registration time?

Two weeks before the designated departure date (for example: 12/12 Saturday for departure, 11/28 Saturday, 13:00, registration and payment must be completed before 13:00)

Q5: If the itinerary must be cancelled due to personal reasons, can I get a refund?

If the guest cancels the itinerary due to personal reasons, the fee will be processed in accordance with the "Domestic Tourism Finalization Contract" issued by the Tourism Bureau. For more details, please read Cancellation and Refunds


Precautions for registration

***Registration is deemed to agree to the following terms, please be sure to read them carefully***

l Mountain climbing or hiking activities are potentially dangerous. Signing up means that you have understood the unpredictable emergencies in the activity and are responsible for yourself (including personal valuables). Please take the initiative to inform family members and relatives of the activity's relevant itinerary and attention matter

l Pay attention to safety during the trip, and follow the arrangements of the leader or guide. It is strictly forbidden to take risks and leave the team without authorization. Due to the danger and unpredictability of outdoor sports, participants should be fully responsible for their actions and consequences

l In the event of bad weather or irresistible factors, the company reserves the right to cancel or change the itinerary. When the leader decides to withdraw for safety reasons during the journey, all group members shall comply with the withdrawal

l During the itinerary, if a partner has a situation that threatens the safety of life, the whole team will advance and retreat together, and no objection is allowed, and since the climbing team is a legally "dangerous community", the whole team should advance and retreat together

l Participants need to carefully evaluate their physical fitness and health status. Please do not sign up for the following conditions: poor physical fitness, surgery in the past six months, asthma, history of cardiovascular disease, fear of heights, pregnancy, and other health factors that can cause danger. It is recommended that you assess your physical condition before signing up

l Participants need to bring their own rain gear and wear hiking shoes or sports shoes. If the equipment is not complete, the coach or guide has the right to refuse to lead, and there is no refund

l The guide will do everything possible to maintain the safety of the participants, but if the participant still causes casualties due to personal negligence (such as a sudden trip, fall, hit a tree, slip, leave the team, conceal physical problems, etc.), it is not allowed Blame the orange cat

l If participants retreat due to personal factors (such as temporary accidents, physical insufficiency, mountain sickness, etc.), the expenses (such as board and lodging, transportation, etc.) incurred must be borne by themselves, and part of the unfinished activities cannot be refunded

l It rains for one third of the day in Taiwan, and the outdoor environment is always cloudy, sunny and changeable. If it rains, it is normal. Therefore, raincoat and rain pants are essential equipment for climbing. Participants agree not to request to cancel the trip on the grounds of rain. If they cancel by themselves, there will be no refund

l If natural disasters (such as earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rains), road interruptions, or other emergencies affect the safety of the trip before departure, Orange Cat has the right to decide to cancel or postpone it. At that time, participants can choose to refund ( Deduct the part already spent) or postpone (deduct the part already spent), but cannot apply for any compensation. However, if the participant decides to cancel by one-sided judgment before departure, Orange Cat is not obliged to refund and does not agree to the extension


Cancellation and refund

Passengers cancel their itinerary due to personal reasons, and the fees will be processed in accordance with the "Domestic Tourism Stylized Contract" issued by the Tourism Bureau (click me)


【Large Forest in the Sky】Rome walks one day and one night