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[Yoga Day in the Hill of Happiness] Outdoor Yoga Experience Camp

[Yoga Day in the Hill of Happiness] Outdoor Yoga Experience Camp




Meet at Taipei Neihu MRT Station Exit 1


2022-03-11~2022-12-31 Total 295 Day



Practicing yoga can purify the body, bring strength, perseverance and tranquility to the mind, and let us stay in the city closer to nature. Orange Cat Outdoor Yoga Experience Camp, are you ready?


Outdoor Yoga Camp | Itinerary

10:00 Meet at Exit 1 of Taipei Neihu MRT Station

10:30 Arrive at Baishi Senhuo Leisure Farm

10:45~ 12:15 Nature Yoga Experience (Basic Yoga Course YOGA BASIC)

12:30~ 14:00 Shiraishi no-menu exquisite hotpot set meal (including special staple food: Matsusaka pork or sea bass or Hericium edulis)

14:00~ 14:30 Roaming the farm trail

14:30~ 15:45 Happiness Hill/Yoga Interactive Play Time/Photographing (outdoor)

15:45~ 16:00 Pack and take care of

16:00 Return to Neihu MRT Station


Nature Yoga Experience (Basic Yoga Course YOGA BASIC)

Are you busy with work and life, and have been under tense pressure for a long time

Or is it often inexplicably anxious, neurotic, and constantly turning around, unable to relax and not sleeping well?

In this class, I will follow Teacher Nico and give myself extra time to calm down.

Relax the body

Relax your head

Relax your heart more

Use breathing to drive stretching, listen to your own body and inner voice

This will be a healing journey of self-relaxation

You will find that relaxation is so simple

In the course, Teacher Nico will take everyone safely and step by step into yoga practice

In the romantic Fendorine atmosphere of nature, take off with peace of mind, have fun with yoga, and then land safely.


Latest Echelon

1. 11. September 2021 (Saturday) Time 10:00-16:00 

2. 17. September 2021 (Fri) Time 10:00-16:00 

3. 26. September 2021 (Sun) Time period 10:00-16:00

Application fee: NT 2,200/person

The cost includes: transportation, lunch, teacher's hourly fee, venue rental, insurance

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Cancellation and refund

Passengers canceling the itinerary due to personal reasons, the fees will be processed in accordance with the standards of the "Domestic Tourism Stylized Contract" promulgated by the Tourism Bureau.


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[Yoga Day in the Hill of Happiness] Outdoor Yoga Experience Camp