Sailing Yacht

Sailing Yacht

Taipei Sailing courses




Participating qualifications are nationals of my country who are at least 18 years old and less than 65 years old, and those who have passed the medical examination for driving a commercial power boat


Course content

Disciplines include: maritime regulations and collision avoidance rules, general knowledge of navigation, general knowledge of ships and machines, general knowledge of ship art and ship handling, general knowledge of air (sea) elephants, communication and emergency measures.
The technical practice includes: offshore, straight forward, backward, turning, S-shaped forward, personnel search and rescue, and docking.


Course fees

18,000 yuan/person (for business use)


Cost includes

Package teaching materials, insurance, academic (technical) subject teaching expenses, and practical vessel usage fee.
Excludes: examination fee, transportation fee, food and meal expenses


Start date

2021.03.02~03.21 / The course lasts for three weeks, a total of 96 hours

Subjects: 1800~2200 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, totaling 48 hours in three weeks.
Surgery: Every Saturday and Sunday 0800~1700 (1200~1300 lunch break), a total of 48 hours in three weeks.


Course location

Subject: No. 107, Section 6, Roosevelt Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Orange Cat TTtrips B1 (MRT Bandung Station Exit 2)
Technical department: Taipei Dazhi Meidi Pier


Date of examination

Take the academic examination of the Port Authority two weeks after completing the course

Cancellation policy

Handle in accordance with Article 33 and relevant regulations of the "Taipei City Short-term Tuition School Management Rules" set by the Taipei City Government Education Bureau
(1) Before the 60th day before the start date ¬-95% refund.
(2) From the 59th to the 8th day-90% refund.
(3) From the seventh day to the first day-80% refund.
(4) Before the second class on the actual start date-70% refund.
(5) After the second class and within one-third of the full period-50% refund.
(6) One third of the full period-no refund will be given.
(The above are based on the actual tuition paid in the current period.)
For those who fail to pass the physical examination before and after the class, if the fees have been paid, the paid fees will be refunded in full


Insurance policy

Insured travel comprehensive insurance, death insurance premium of 2 million, injury medical treatment of 100,000



1. There are professional coaches teaching guidance during the technical navigation.
2. Water sports activities are easily affected by the weather. During the actual technical exercises, the date may be changed due to changes in wind and hydrological conditions and additional lessons


Common Q&A

◎What is the purpose of obtaining the power boat license?

Can carry passenger and freight, used as a profit-seeking job

◎Is the driver's license international?
Due to different national laws and different waters, there is no international yacht driver's license. You must have this driver's license to drive a yacht in Taiwan!

◎What is a power boat?
Power boats with a gross tonnage of less than 20 tons can be driven. Most of the boats seen in the yacht harbor are below this tonnage. With this license, you can rent a boat to sail on holidays.

◎Where is the test location?
Academic subjects have been arranged for you, but the actual test time and place are subject to the announcement of the Port Bureau

◎Are there special rules for physical examination?
Because of the port bureau examination, you need to use the power boat medical examination form stipulated by the port bureau. It is recommended to register for a health examination at the Keelung Municipal Hospital Outpatient Center. The examination will be done before noon, and you can pick up the photo in the afternoon. Bring your ID card and two ID photos Go to the counter to get the power boat medical examination form

◎What are the payment methods that can be selected when registering?

ATM remittance (five codes after the transfer notification), credit card (please contact customer service to create a credit card report list for you)

Zhenxin International Travel Agency Account

Bank code: Yushan Bank 808

Branch: Luzhou Branch

Account Name: Zhenxin International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Account number: 0820940016517


Yacht examination class: This training class is approved and filed by the authority: Ministry of Communications Approval number: Jiaohangzi No. 09600538392

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