Taiwan Multi-Days Tour

Multi-Days Tour


Route: Ocean Theme Park / Chihpen Hot Spring / Bike roaming Outdoor Art Space


Day1: Hualien > Chinxiu Temple > Pine Garden > Hualien Ocean Theme Park > Choose Coast Line or Valley Line to Taitung > Stay at Hualien or Taitung

Day2: Choose Coast Line or Valley Line to Taitung > Taitung Yuan Sen Applied Botanic Garden > Chihpen Forest Recreation Area > Chihpen Hot Spring

Day3: Taitung Seaside Park (Bike roaming Outdoor Art Space) > Railway Art Village > Shanyuan Ecological Park(Feeding Wild Fish) > Jialulan Recreation Area > Hualien


【order process】

1. Website filling or online consultation

2. Within 24 hours, the travel consultant will contact you.

3. Provide the itinerary requirements and basic information, discuss the details of your trip with the consultant

4. Both parties confirm that the order is correct, and the online payment deposit is 30%.

5. Before the trip, the guide will take the initiative to confirm the transfer details.

6. Leave a review


【cost details】

Including : toll fee, fueling fee, parking fee insurance , guide food and accommodation, car time 10HR/ day overtime plus fee, excluding : attraction tickets, guest accommodation, self-pay activities

- The tip of the guide can be given (the tip part has no hard rules, and the guest can decide on the service quality of the director. )


【Service Introduction】

1. The consultant will help you choose the right model according to the number of people.

2. Departure from the airport or hotel ( or custom departure place in the same area )


【Journey recommendation】

1. Yangmingshan Day Tour (Point me to understand) 

2. Hualien Taroko Day Tour (Point me to understand) 

3. Cingjing Secret World Tour (Point me to understand)  

4.3 days 2 nights - Taipei Yilan Lotus (Point me to understand)  

5. Learn more about Taiwan trips (Point me to understand) 

6. Learn more about Taiwan articles (Point me to understand)


【JImportant Information 】
・Please complete the order at least one week before the vehicle time. 
* This price is usually the price, large holiday does not apply, as quoted prices in an advisory 
-seater can provide a child seat 1 seat, if necessary, please contact customer service consultant 
· travel Jieke customized adjustments and pricing, please contact Customer Service Advisor Assisting in the arrangement 
and quotation are not included in the tax. If you need an invoice, you will be charged a 5% tax. If you need, please contact the customer service.


【Cancellation Policy】

Refundable, but guests are required to charge a handling fee. The cancellation fee is handled in accordance with the “Foreign Tourism Styling Contract” issued by the Tourism Bureau. 
If you cancel your order 41 days before departure, you will be charged a full 5% tour fee. If you cancel your order 
31 to 40 days before departure, you will be charged 10% of the total tour fee; 
cancel the order 21 to 30 days before departure. travel expenses will be charged 20% of the full fee; 
for 2-20 days before departure to cancel the order, travel costs will be charged the full fee of 30%; 
1 day before departure to cancel the order, travel costs will be charged the full fee of 50%; 
to departure Cancellation of orders on the same day, collection of timeouts, personal departure from the team due to personal factors, and no notice of non-participants will not be refunded.


【 Charter Quality Control】

1. The professional sightseeing driver team is trained by high-end service, and the quality of customers is improved.

2. The driver has a qualified license, and the orange cat charter customer can comfortably ride.

3. Service quality management, the driver has to pay the service deposit to ensure the service is qualified

4. Back-end system monitoring to provide you with the most efficient delivery service

3-days route - Hualien.Taitung