About Us

About Us

Here is the story,

In 2014, It's all started from a small B&B guesthouse with a lovely ginger cat located in Hualien,  we accommodated tourists from all over the world, and found that the most important thing in the journey is the connection between people, since then, with the thought of "making friends," We began to take guests to discover Taiwan together.


In 2016, the “Orange Cat Travel” was formally founded, cooperating with our own driver guides , the tour focused on “local culture” and “people”. Experiencing Taiwan’s humanistic connotation and multi-level natural scenery, take you deeply experience the unique and vitality, the real Taiwan .


In 2018, we launched the "Orange Cat Car Platform." Through customer reviews, the driver guides and vehicle quality were strictly controlled, leaving only the best. We don't just want to share our beautiful island "Formosa" with you, we hope to create a story that belongs to you and Taiwan.

We look forward to see you in Taiwan, Feel warm from Orange Cat team and our beautiful country.


Say goodbye to ordinary

Whether it's family trip, employee tour or friends outing, we can satisfy your every need, make it a unique tour. 

Be the Master of your tour 

The advantage of private driver guide is that you don't have to waste precious time getting lost, queuing, buying tickets, etc. You can completely control the rhythm of your time, and everything else will be handed over by us.

Leave it to the Professionals

Our service is not start the day of tour, but from the beginning of your consultation. Our Orange Cat Travel Consultant offer the newest attractions and comprehensive advice, and our professional driver guide is responsible for taking you deeper into the popular attractions.